Sri Lanka's forest cover is decreasing rapidly

Rotary Sri Lanka to plant one million trees and help Sri Lanka grow back its forests to support future generations.

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Thousands of Rotarians, their family members and friends are helping to plant One Million trees.

Trying to get back what we lost

Our Vision

Healthy living through a greener environment. We hope not only to see more trees being planted, but also that this process will inspire people to keep looking for more ways to make a difference and make their life more sustainable.

Our Mission

To have a greener environment for future generations by inspiring, engaging and supporting people to take personal responsibility for the environment, making it safe, healthy and sustainable and to share the process as a model for the country.

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One Million Tree Story

Helping to regain lost green cover for now and future

One of the most serious environmental issues affecting Sri Lanka is the deforestation of its land. According to a UN country report, Sri Lanka’s forest coverage has reduced drastically from 53% in 1990 to 29% in 2012 and this is corroborated by statistics maintained by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Rotary Sri Lanka in partnership with Hayleys PLC launched an ambitious project in Sri Lanka to plant one million trees and play its part in helping Sri Lanka grow back its forests to support future generations.
In order to ensure the optimum possibility of the trees surviving and contributing to the increased forest cover we have embarked on a number of key initiatives in the project. The trees will be planted in specific geographic areas within the Hayleys plantations. Different species of trees have been identified for each planting site. Rotary Sri Lanka will be responsible for the marketing of the trees and Hayleys will undertake the planting and nurturing of the trees. The cost of sponsorship of a tree is Rs. 100/ -. This includes the cost of the plant and general maintenance for five years. The project offers many organisations and corporates a great opportunity to be a part of a unique public-private sustainability project and help grow our forests that will benefit future generations of Sri Lankans.
The year under review has been another challenging one and yet it has still brought us some rich rewards for our perseverance. The year began on a rather dismal note with the severe drought once again affecting the planting of trees. After almost a whole year of no rain we suddenly had a breakthrough and the rains came in mid-July 2019 and lasted until November. “The Project achieved a significant milestone during the month of November 2019 when it completed the planting of all the trees sold to date as at 30 November 2019. The rains from August to November were a great boon to the project which is now back on track with the completion of the initial target of 150,000 trees and by the end of December 2019 we had 178,000 trees planted.”
Our forest cover is decreasing

Depletion of natural forest cover during five successive surveys

The percentage of forest land area in green ( source: FAO )











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